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Prepare for Lights to Go Out! Meet the Season 3 Teams and Drivers

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The opening round of the season is only days away with a nearly full grid of 10 teams and 19 of 20 possible drivers registered to take to the circuit this Sunday at the Blue PSU Grand Prix.

Longfall Racing, the reigning series champions, come into 2022a with a different but unquestionably strong lineup, retaining Tokyo race winner Kira Restrepo whilst picking up five-time podium placer and season 2 rookie of the year Nicole Dallas.

APC Racing return with an altered driver lineup of their own. Edu Velde, season 2 runner-up, will remain with the team, but Achillez Sauber will now be managing the team off-track. In his place they have signed Fabian Lytton who has returned to APC after being forced to drop out during season 1.

Carmona Grand Prix 1 Team return to the series for a third season having drastically simplified their appearance, but not having changed their driver lineup. Emmy Bloobury and Asdrea Sanakan have retained their seats for 2022a with a combined six podiums between them.

Tweedle Deez Racing may have dropped out of season 2 as a result of absences, but the winning duo of Pablo Bakerly and Andres Macakerly are back in their familiar pink appearance from season 1. If consistency fairs them well, then a title challenge may be on the table.

Spirits are high at Team Spirit Racing with a returning lineup of Becky Aker and Taylor Aerallo. A revised look with a familiar, striking color pallet adorns their 2022a challenger as they seek to improve on their difficult season 2 campaign. They have most certainly proven to be quick, so hopes are high for the TSR squad.

Scuderia Gattino Racing, sister team to TSR, make their return with an altered driver lineup. Mats will remain on the team but will be joined by DJ Madison Luck, the team's fourth signing after previous driver absences. Having shown pace last season, points may not be so hard to come by for this still relatively new team.

Rockrose Racing Team have transitioned from purple to blue this season, sporting a striking new livery and coming into season 3 as the only returning team to feature a completely revised driver lineup. Valky Rein, substitute driver for Carmona GP1 and Rockrose last season, will join the team full-time for 2022a, paired alongside fellow rookie Eden Musk.

As of the submission of this article, Timber Racing remains as the only team with an open seat, having released their second driver prior to the season opener. Chase Dutton, driver and primary team manager, has been temporarily substituted by Brandon Morgan as driver/manager. Their livery this season has undergone a complete overhaul with a striking blue and silver appearance.

New to the grid this season is Husaria Racing. Cherno Nova, 2021b's HISS reserve driver, will be taking the full-timer driver role this season alongside fellow rookie, Jisoo. Kandy Tomorrow, having stepped down from full-time racing, has joined as their reserve.

Sigma Racing, new to the series in 2022a, features what could arguably be the strongest driver lineup coming into the third season of Grand Prix 1. Little Bear and Eli Benett, the season 1 and season 2 drivers champions respectively, have teamed up in what is perhaps the brightest car on the grid to mount a very convincing challenge for the drivers and constructors titles.

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