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Kali Kiyori Signs for APC, Kandy Tomorrow Joins Full-Time with Husaria, and Other Driver News.

APC Racing have released Fabian Lytton after multiple no-shows from the Colombian driver who currently sits 11th in the drivers championship. Last round, the free agent Kali Kiyori substituted in place of Lytton after having previously substituted for Rockrose Racing at Tall Pines and Mooz. As of last weekend, APC officially signed Kiyori to race alongside Edu Velde for the remainder of the 2022a season. Kali Kiyori has 6 points of her own with an average finish of 9.3 and a best result of 8th place, having started as high as 4th position during her three-race 2022a venture.

A similar situation befell Husaria Racing this season with the absence of Jisoo from all but the first two rounds of the championship. Kandy Tomorrow, Husaria's driving coach, who has subbed for all of Jisoo's absences, officially signed as Husaria's second full-time driver in place of Jisoo just before the Carmonair Grand Prix. Of Kandy's four starts this season, she has managed an average finish of 5.5 around her two DNFs, having started as high as second.

Rockrose Racing is set to sign Virga Wolf in time to take part in the upcoming Snowpeach Grand Prix, according to recent reports. Wolf, who scored one point for Formula Freedom in 2021b, was initially supposed to have joined the grid from round 1 this season, but complications with team registrations resulted in Wolf sitting out with intentions to return in 2022b.

Carmona's Asdrea Sanakan continues to be plagued with networking issues that have rendered him unable to compete since the previous round at the now renamed Vydra Aerodrome (previously Lukas Vydra Motorplex). The Spaniard has yet to hang up their helmet on the season, but until issues have been sorted, the team has signed rookie Demarial Watkins as the team's official reserve driver who will substitute for Sanakan for the foreseeable future. Watkins, primarily experienced in D2 drift competition, has already shown to possess a great deal of potential in becoming a regular points scorer.

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