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FVA Grand Prix 1 2023a — Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Dec 14, 2022


  • Details about the 2023a FVA GP1 car

  • Details about the FVA Participation License

  • Team Registration - How to

  • Driver Registration - How to

  • Free Agency - How to Join


The 2023a FVA Grand Prix 1 season sees the return of the same model from the season prior, only now with the wheel covers removed to expose the rims, better enhancing the overall visual appearance. The outward appearance only scratches the surface of what has been modified though, plenty of changes having been made that will drastically alter the way that season 5's races will be approached.

As well as modifications to the car, the schedule has been altered, the shortest it has ever been at only 9 races. Why? Holidays, for one, but also to account for the mental health of Grand Prix 1 drivers, teams, and officials. A lengthy two-month break sees the start of the season move from January to February.

Driver registration and qualifications have been modified substantially, seeing the introduction of the FVA Participation License for the first time, obtainable by passing a series of driving tests to ensure that the grid is populated by capable drivers that will limit the amount of on-track incidents.


  • Slipstreaming/Drafting has been completely removed.

  • Script has been significantly cleaned up and overhauled.

  • Car Setups have been abolished.

  • Three tire options with varying grip levels and wear rates have been added.

  • Tire types can be changed during pit stops, opening up a wide array of strategic options.

  • Wheel covers have been removed, exposing the rims underneath.

  • The car features a Save, Race, and Push gear to change engine power on the fly.

  • Engine temperature feature added, adding the risk of overheating if pushed too hard.


2023a sees the introduction of the FVA Participation License as the FVA cracks down on unacceptable racing conditions. The new license ensures that the grid is populated by drivers capable of piloting their machines in a consistently safe manner.

How does it work?

  • A series of five (5) tests will be conducted that will vary in purpose and increase in difficulty, beginning with basic cornering aspects before leading to a multi-lap final.

  • Each test will have a minimum bronze passing time, followed by a silver, gold, and platinum time that can be achieved. The combined results will display as an overall score. This will help teams determine the quality of the license holder if prior on-track results do not exist for reference. (public display of results pending).

  • All attempting individuals will have three (3) attempts to complete the individual tests.

    • If any of the five tests are failed, the entire test will be ended and marked as failed.

    • Upon failure of the test, the first waiting period will be 7-days before it can be retaken. If it is failed a second time, the wait increases to 14 days. Three failures, 28 days.

  • Upon passing the tests, the successful individual will be assigned an FVA license number and awarded a physical copy of their license.

When does License Testing Begin?

The current projections are that testing for the FVA Participation License will open at the beginning of January. This will give drivers over a month and a half to secure their licenses before the first round of the season on February 19th. It will NOT prevent drivers from partaking in pre-season testing on February 5th!

How Are Licenses Renewed?

FVA Participation Licenses can be automatically renewed if the holding driver participates in 2/3 of the season that the license has been awarded for. Otherwise, the driving tests must be taken again after the currently active season has ended.

Why Are Licenses Being Introduced?

The FVA has recognized that racing conditions of recent and prior seasons have been below standard, having previously expected teams and drivers to ensure that their selections and abilities would result in clean, safe, respectable competition. This however has not been the case, resulting in the FVA resorting to ensuring that only individuals that are capable of safely and effectively piloting a Grand Prix 1 car are allowed to participate.

Can I Take the Test Again Even if I Already Have My License?

Yes, granted that the testing official is available. If you are not satisfied with your testing scores and wish to improve, you will be allowed to retake the tests. However, attempting a test retake will affect all previously listed scores, meaning that if you do worse than you did before, the results of your retaken test will be put on record as the current score.


Team registration will be conducted through Google Forms as was done in 2022b. Any team that competed through the final race of 2022b will be automatically accepted upon submission of their 2023a application.

Unlike 2022b, driver registration will NOT be included within the 2023a team application as a result of the new addition of the FVA Participation License. Drivers will now be registered individually via a separate form (see Driver Registration for details).

New to 2023a is that team logos will now be required for submission of the application. Logos can be uploaded directly to the application when prompted. Logos MUST have a transparent background! Solid backgrounds will not be accepted.


Teams will be the only entities allowed to submit driver applications. A driver application may be submitted at any time provided that the individual being signed to the team possess a valid FVA Participation License.

The link to the driver application will be provided to the teams after their team applications have been accepted.


If you would like to put your name on a list for teams to see, the FVA Free Agency will grant you that opportunity! The application will be hosted here.

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