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BREAKING: Morticia Villota Retires — Kira Restrepo to Fill the Gap at Longfall Racing

Morticia Villota has reportedly said her goodbyes to Second Life, having made the decision this last weekend to retire from the virtual world. Despite this, Longfall Racing have retained Villota as a reserve driver in the event that she is to ever return in the near future, and have quickly acted on finding a replacement ahead of the second round at Cristal Peaks.

Kira Restrepo, previously affiliated with Rockrose Racing Team, has been selected to pilot the #4 LFR entry for the remainder of the season. Runner-up in last season's Grand Prix AM championship, the two-time Grand Prix 1 starter has managed to score points in both events that she has contested, showing that the speed and potential are there.

This however has left many to wonder what these changes will mean in regards to the constructors championship battle, with projections having originally been in heavy favor of Longfall Racing running away with it. If Restrepo can deliver, that may still be the case.

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